Happy Bithday

I’ve been thinking about birthdays and how my friend is trying to be subtle while asking things like what kind of cake is my favorite when I have already figured out what she is up to. But here is a odd little thing I wrote about surprise birthday parties… Enjoy. (if you read the first letter of each line it spells out Happy Birthday)

Hey, lets do something special this year

And throw a suprise

Party, she will never suspect!

Party on Saturday. Get here and stay out of sight and then

Yell happy birthday once she turns on the lights.


Be quiet now she’s almost here “Happy Naked Day!”

“I- I…thanks guys.” -why is everyone in my house?-

“Really got you there huh?”

“That’s true, you really did.” – how did they get in here?-

“Happy Birthday, how old are you now?


“Any where between a spritely teenager and middle age.” -really, you got my aunt to come?-

“You always were a handful.”



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