V is for Virus

The first thing I remember was the marvelous taste in my mouth. I moaned against the taste and swallowed barely chewing. Without opening my eyes, I took another bite and the euphoria it gave me was instant.

A shrill scream snatched me out of my reverence, my eyes snapped open, with my head near some guy’s leg with two huge chunks of flesh missing.

“What’s happening?” I thought briefly when shuffling feet caught my attention. Without thinking, I turned and was upon a petite blond woman. Knocking us to the ground, me on top of her I gnashed my teeth at her trying to lower myself to take a bite out of her neck but her strength seemed oddly more than it should have for such a small woman.

I started feeling sluggish and out of it and simply wanted to feel like I had only moments ago and even her screaming couldn’t sway me from my mission to be lost in the sensation once again. Slowly her strength began failing and her arms started to shake from holding me up and I pressed down into her more.

In between her frantic screeching, I heard a gun cocking but I was too far gone to care. All I wanted was a bite, just one more bite. Was that too much to ask?



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