U is for The Unbearable Haunted House

This story is probably not going to be what you expect… However, since Halloween is upon us this fits in perfectly with the mood in the air. *note this story is a little morbid. so please read with caution. And have a safe and happy Halloween*

The Unbearable Haunted House

Hailey huddled closer to Amber for warmth complaining “God, when are they going to open the doors?! We’ve been standing out here for two hours!”

“You’re the one who wanted to be one of the first in line.” Amber replied shifting her weight and tiptoed to see over the heads of the people in front of her and hopefully through a small window centered high on the black door. The curtain shifted slightly and she jumped almost knocking Hailey over. “There’s someone back there!” she cried.

The girls forgot about how cold they were when the door swung outward and a tall, muscular man in a black shirt with ‘STAFF’ written across his chest in big crimson block letters stepped out. He sat down a box on a chair next to him, adjusted an earpiece and motioned the first six people forward; checked their tickets and sent them through the door.

A moment later he talked into a walkie-talkie he pulled from his belt, he must have gotten a good to go because he motioned three people in front of them forward and sent them through the door. He adjusted his earpiece again and signaled for the girls to step forward. Quickly they stepped up and Amber handed him their tickets. “Are either of you not okay with the workers grabbing at you?” he asked scanning the tickets with a flashlight.

“No.” they answered in unison shaking their heads vigorously.

“ok, well throughout the house staff are present and will walk you out if you ask them to.” he  spoke in an almost bored tone ripping the tickets and handing the stubs back “Take the black door and have a spook-taculare time.” he ended opening the door letting them in.

The door led to a plain hallway with doors down either side of it with all different colors, almost to their immediate right a red door with “Personnel only” written on it they wondered briefly where all the other doors went to but then spotted the black door at the other end of the hallway. They smiled at each other and ran for it. A blast of welcoming heat hit them as they opened the door. Cautiously they stepped into the dark room when they were too far forward to hold the door open it slammed shut behind them. Hailey’s heart raced as she held Ambers slick hand in a death grip “I can’t see anything can you?”

“No, let’s find the exit!”

They stumbled forward together each with one arm outstretched looking to make contact with something solid, hoping to find a door.

A shrill scream pierced the deafening silence causing the girls to jump and meet the scream with shrieks of their own. A second later, they laughed and trudged forward again. Amber screamed when her hand made contact with some sort of cloth.

“What’s wrong, are you okay?!” Hailey questioned the panic clear in her voice.

“Yeah, I just found a curtain or something.” she replied pulling Hailey’s hand forward to touch it, while attempting to pull it open with her other.

“Look!” Hailey exclaimed pointing uselessly to a small gash of light. The girls followed it and found themselves in another room. It was a rather large room, at the other end was a door between two identical large bird cages suspended about a foot above the ground; the walls were lined with drawers with silver handles. A gurney sat in the corner closest to them with a man strapped down covered in drying blood and what seemed to be his throat slit open. In the corner opposite the man, a girl crouched in the corner crying a man with a blood splattered lab coat and short brown hair turned from her and stared with a menacing smile at the girls.

“Let’s go.” Amber said half-pulling half-pushing Hailey towards the door wanting out of there immediately.

The man spoke in a gruff voice “Where are you going?” Halfway to the door he shrieked, “Don’t leave! The fun hasn’t begun yet!”

Amber shivered frozen and let Hailey lead her out of the room. Hailey’s hand was on the doorknob when she felt a sharp pain in the back of her neck.


Sharp screaming and a headache to combat the worst hangover welcomed Hailey into consciousness. Blinking she wiped her blurry eyes and looked around the unfamiliar room in too much pain for the panic to rile her. She stroked the bars surrounding her confused by their presence and looked out into the rest of the overly bright room. To her right she saw a man in a white lab coat and another enclosure. As she groggily put together the pieces, she let out a blood-curtailing scream.

A group of people walked in as the man came over and paced around her entrapment cooing, “My new little ducky just woke up.” he brandished a blood smeared knife and slashed at her arm.  She shrieked in horror trying to pull away from him to no avail. Quite and quickly the group of people walked by them with wide eyes.

The knife cut her skin repeatedly on her body in different spots, she cried out each time the blade made contact. A whimpering from the other cage caught is attention. He seemingly skipped over and stroked her face soothingly but that only drew more tears and sobs from her.

More people came in and Hailey reached out to them begging for their help saying they really didn’t belong in there, that they weren’t part of it. All she received was murmurings of what good actors they were.

Amber must have passed back out because he stationed himself in front of her, with an arsenal of bloody surgical tools on a rolling tray she hadn’t seen before next to him just out of her reach. “Does my little ducky want to play?” he inquired his face pleasant, his eyes darkening showing something far more sinister.

“Let us go please! I’ll give you anything you want!” Hailey pleaded fresh tears spilling down her cheeks.

“Hmm.” he spoke stroking his chin in mild contemplation. Amber whimpered awake as another group of people trudged in. He went behind her, held her sitting up by her blond hair, and in one foul motion slit her throat. The group screamed and rushed for the door as he walked slowly towards them, Hailey screamed and cried her bloody arms reaching out to her best friend. When the group was gone, he turned back to Hailey who now held her knees to her chest, violent sobs racking through her entire body. “You have such beautiful green eyes, show them to me!” he demanded roughly.

Hailey lifted her head and opened her eyes willing herself to stop crying.

He grinned wickedly. “The last group of people will come in shortly. The question, my little ducky, is will you be leaving with them?”

A tremble rain thru her body and he laughed a deep rolling rumble. He circled her cage again caressing her body thru the bars. As he passed the tray he picked up another knife and sliced her thigh open deeper than the other cuts. Hailey stifled a scream closing her eyes and holding the fresh wound.

“Look at me when I cut you!” he demanded reading the blade for another slash.

Hailey looked into his face and refused to cry out as he made an incision from her shoulder down to her elbow.

“Good girl.” he cooed.” “Now how about this?” He asked bring the blade to her face and slicing open her cheek just under her eye as the last group of people stumbled into the room.

Hailey shook with fear and pain but refused to cry out as the group quickly ran through the room.

“Does my little ducky get to leave?” he asked himself as he dropped one of the knives and held her hair forcing her back against the bars. He inhaled her scent deeply and licked her neck before shoving the knife repeatedly into her abdomen.

A moment later as she crumpled to the cages floor, her life slowly fading from her bloody body he slipped out of the lab coat and scrubs; revealing jeans and a plain t-shirt. He opened a drawer and grabbed something setting it down as he slipped off his gloves and shoved them into his jeans pocket He grabbed whatever he had set on the counter and turned around to face her. “Thanks ducky, it has been fun.” he spoke directly to her as he slipped on glasses and she thought he looked almost normal as she passed out for the final time and he jogged out of the room




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