On the Banks of Misery

Here is another poem I wrote my freshman year in High School.


(*image from google web search*)

On the Banks of Misery

Rough waters cried before mine eyes

it welcomes death through its waves.

Scattering her ashes (body) out to sea.


Dazzled with being free,

she never even knew that she left me,

all alone, beneath the clouded sky.

I wait for her return (Scared of what’s to come).


As I sit against the bank,

a slight sigh I do hear,

I think it may be her

telling me not to fear.


I leave for home for the day,

realize that I have had enough (that I have done enough),

I don’t want to wait any longer,

I should move on with my life, (and on to another).


But as soon as I reach home,

my life is before my eyes,

she came back to me,

even though it was I who set her free on the banks of Misery.



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