I want to take a minute and talk about bullying…

It has come to my attention that people I love and care about have been being bullied online, at school and on the bus. It is time for this to stop! Sure teachers can’t catch everything but when the students whole demeanour changes and the parents bring it to your attention then don’t you think that they should keep an eye out for it!? It’s sad when you see kids come home from school in tears because they got picked on, or they come home with a black eye because they got into a fight because their older sister is a lesbian. It is ridiculous to find out that the guy a young girl is in love with abused her making her question her own life and then spread stuff online shaming her. It’s time to stand up to this and make it stop! Teach tolerance, everyone is different!

It’s time for everyone, regardless of who you are to STOP, think about what you were about to say would you want someone to say it to you? That look you just gave them, would you want someone to give you that look?

If you put someone else down it doesn’t build you up all it does is make you a jerk. Next time you judge someone put yourself in their shoes, and if you think you would do it better that you would change just think what if they are trying? Then what?

Think about this next time you go to pick on someone for any-one of their flaws, what flaws do you have? What flaw would you hate for someone to notice about you and how would you feel if that was exposed 10-times over and you got the attention for it that you just paid to them how would you feel then?

Not good huh?

So stop and think before you speak, think before you act.

And if you see it, tell someone get them help if nothing else you your self take their side and stand up with them. If its happening to you the same thing tell someone you trust. Don’t just sit back and hope it goes away, because it doesn’t. Take it from someone who knows. I was picked on all my life for various reasons and if you don’t take a stand to change it, it wont change, don’t expect someone to change it for you.

Try to remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, fat, skinny, gay, straight, have big feet, small ears, or any other thing that someone will try and call you out on, you were made the way you were for a REASON. You are perfect, you are beautiful, and life IS worth living. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become character.

Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.  

– Patrick Overto (Taken from

And if you are really in a state and need someone to talk to please seek it out or call 1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-273-8255.  Because your life is worth saving.


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