Just Laugh It Off!

So yesterday I turned 21 and Mother Nature decided I needed an unwanted and unwelcome Birthday present. She decided to dump a ton of snow on us and laugh as plans got cancelled. My friends say that my Birthday caused the snow-apocalypse or the snowocalypse. How rude!

My Birthday gift from Mother Nature

My Birthday gift from Mother Nature, Shoveling it sucks!


The snow is up to my knees in most places and up to my butt in others! It is the most snow we have gotten at one time in a long time and of course it had to fall on my big day. Oh well, here is to hopeing my plans this weekend don’t get cancelled as well!


P.S. I can’t wait for summer!


8 thoughts on “Just Laugh It Off!

  1. My brother would love for it to snow. I might want to vacation somewhere
    where it snows but I don’t know if I’de like being buried.

    Winter here puts in it’s last punches before completly giveing up at the
    equator. Things are hot and muggy all through December and January.
    in Febuary it remembers it’s supposed to be winter and trys to make up
    for lost time by freezing just long enough to kill the banana trees.

    These random freezes can hit at the end of an otherwise plesent day
    and are interspersed with lots and lots of rain. Sometimes I think nature
    can’t decide if we are supposed to have real seasons or just a rainy
    and a dry season.

    I don’t know what I’de do if it got cold and stayed cold – I’m used to growing
    vegitibles and going swimming.

    But darn does my brother want snow – he’d take on look at that picture
    and trade places in a second.

    • yeah I grew up somewhere where it didn’t snow either just got a bit cooler for winter so all this snow and frozen-ness I’ll never get used to it. And I’m sure your brother might change his mind after a few days living with the snow and negative temperatures lol

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