Q is for Question

“And that is how the cure for cancer came about.” the scientist finished proudly “any questions?”


“Yeah.” a young man in his early twenties asked stepping forward from the rest of the group. “Wouldn’t the same result come about if we mixed your solution a with b instead of c?”


“No, we tried that to no avail.” he answered becoming visibly uncomfortable with the question.


“Well then, what exactly happened?”




Skeptical the undergrad student stepped foreword “So you wouldn’t mind if I mixed them right now?”


“Not at all.” the scientist replied puling at his collar, sweat beading on his forehead.


The student reached his gloved hands to mixture a and b and the scientist screamed “stop!” in a panic. Startled the undergrad student dropped both the beakers onto the counter where they shattered and the contents mixed. “Now you’ve doomed us all!” the scientist hissed accusingly.


“But you said that it didn’t do anything!” everyone behind him started saying a panic rising in the room.


“I lied!” he cried dropping to his knees.


“What is going to happen to us?” everyone murmured amongst themselves. “I need a phone!”


Coming to grips the scientist combed his hands through his hair and looked up his eyes red rimmed and tears streaking down his cheeks “all of the rats who were exposed to the mixed chemicals a and b demonstrated cannibalistic behaviors, and heightened hostility and had to be put down immediately.


The collective audience began to run towards the exit only to find that had now been sealed off from the outside by someone who had witnessed the event from behind the glass who stood there yelling sorry through the door.


“It’s too late.” he sobbed sinking further to the ground.


Everyone turned onto the young man and began to converge angrily.


He stood there and smiled and when they were no more than a breath away he began to laugh, they all stopped dumfounded and scared.


“Gotcha.” he said doubling over in uncontrollable fits of laughter.


The scientist had joined him in laughing leaving the gathered audience completely lost and getting angrier by the minute. “Hey, what are you two laughing about?! This is no laughing matter.”


Catching his breath the scientist asked “Do you think, if that were to be true that we would even have chemical B in this very room? What he dropped together was simply a solution of saltwater and another solution of water with blue food coloring.”


Gathering his self the college undergrad explained “This was an experiment for a paper I have to write ‘What would happen if…’. So I thank you all for being apart of it. Now if you will excuse me I have a mess to clean up and a paper to write.” he turned and began cleaning the spilled contents sweeping the glass shards into a small dust pan.


The gathered crowed still upset at being tricked dispersed angrily leaving the room by the door that was now unlocked and open.






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