In Your Eyes

I was looking around and I found a book of poems I had written a long time ago so I figured while thumbing through them that I would post a few to see what you guys think, let me know…

In Your Eyes.


Expressionless face

as I look in your eyes.

What I see I fear;

it is my worst nightmare come true.


People in black

crying over an open casket;

the person inside dressed in flowing white, I know her.


Her face,

it’s so familiar

I can almost tell who it is…


Looking around, no sign of her name anywhere,

it’s not even a name whispered under someone’s breath.

Circling the room in a panic asking everyone screaming at the top of my lungs “Who is she?!”

But to them, it’s like I’m not even there.


Returning to the casket,

I look down,

the name still dancing on the tip of my tongue

waiting to leap off and take flight.


I gasp in horror as I realize;

that the girl in the casket,

the girl dressed in white,

the girl who’s name isn’t even whispered,

she is me, I am her.


Turning away,

I no longer want to look in your eyes.



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