L is for Lights

So here are two short stories. The first is supposed to be humorous and the second one, well, you can decide I have two different endings for it. Enjoy.




“Plug it in.” she demanded.

“I did!” He replied trying not to yell at her in frustration

“Then why isn’t it working?” she asked stamping her foot and flicking back on the porch lights.

“I don’t know! Hold on.” He sighed as he pulled out the cord once again. For the tenth time he wiggled the wiring around. “Ok shut off the lights.”

Blackness fell over the street again then suddenly bulbs of every color illuminated the darkness. She gasped

A car tires squealed. She screamed.

He turned quickly and saw that the entire block was glowing with the lights and that the car had careened off of the road into the mailbox.

“Damn!” he said to no one in particular, “That happens every year.”




“Key in door, check. Turn the key, without dropping anything, check. Pull door back while twisting doorknob and still not dropping anything… check.” She managed to grab the keys from the door and stepped into the dark room her arms loaded down with paper shopping bags.

“Light switch where are you?”she asked herself and she searched the wall with her elbow “There you are.” she said out loud as the light flickered on overhead. Her eyes adjusted to the light as she kicked the door closed behind her and readjusted the bags in her arms.

Slowly she stepped forward and looked up. The bags fell, ornaments broke and Christmas gifts rolled to and fro everywhere, her face went ghostly white her hands went to her mouth and she choked on a scream.

“Hey Honey, you miss me?” He smiled stepping towards her.

**Second/alternative ending**

“Hey Honey, you miss me?” He smiled stepping towards her the knife glittering in the kitchens light.




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