H is for Haunted

It’s finally here! Now I can relearn my alphabet and go in order again! 🙂

H is for Haunted

A melodic laughter is heard by a young boy playing alone in the sand box his mother not ten feet away chats idly with another mother of three who’s children are clambering all over her to get to what she hasn’t yet dug out of her purse. The young boy looks to his mother to see if she had heard it but then the sweet feminine voice began to taunt him joyously “You can’t catch me!”

The boy refusing to turn down such a challenge from a girl probably covered in cooties begins to follow the sweet voice into the woods. His legs pump furiously to catch up to her, he is certain she is just ahead above the next tree.

“I’m going in!” she screams as he comes out into a clearing looking up at a huge mansion, the front door slams shut.

The statues stare down at him waiting for him to make a move. Slowly he ascends the stairs, he twists the doorknob tenderly and the door creaks open with ease. Cautiously he steps over the threshold and into a dark room made darker by the dust and board covered windows and years of dust piled up on sheeted furniture. He walks surely following light footsteps. Suddenly there is silence he stops and listens for a sign of which direction to follow her instead he hears the terrified shrieks of a girl and scratching on the walls around him. His blood turns to ice as he scampers to hide in a corner praying that whatever is making her scream and those awful scratching noises will not find him.

The screaming and scratching stops almost as suddenly as it started and is quickly replaced with music so beautiful he cannot help but to follow it to find the source of this lovely lullaby. He follows the melody up the large staircase and into a bedroom. The boy is grabbed so quickly he doesn’t have time to scream. The door bangs shut, as blood pools out from under it.

The music stops.

All is silent.

Then a young girl’s giddy laughter is heard…





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