G is for Goblet

**Please note this is a bit dark and twisted, so if you are squeamish or easily offended turn back now. Also note this is a work of fiction, neither I nor anyone I know have ever done a ceremony such as what you are about to read.**

G is for Goblet

The circle was closed as the last member stepped in. “Thank you for coming I see that several of you have returned to be initiated into our coven.” The dark hair woman spoke smiling to brightly her eye teeth gleaming in the stars light. “The new moon tonight signifies new beginnings, and learning to let  go of the past. Though one must never forget the past for it shapes what becomes of us we must forgive  and learn from mistakes we and others make and ultimately become stronger in the end.”

“She looked at me, she looked right at me!” I said hunkering down behind the bush in a panic.

“She didn’t look at you, no one knows that we are here.” Izzy said placing her hands on my shoulders shaking me out of my false panic. “Did you see Emily down there?”

I shook my head “It’s impossible to distinguish who anyone is when they all have their hoods up.”

Not believing me Izzy poked her dyed blond head over the branches to get a better look.

“Tonight we initiate three new members into our coven. Through the past few months these three people have shown the most commitment and know what it takes to become one of us, they know that this life demands sacrifice for the greater good and that this life will always be in their blood until the day they die.” The dark hair woman spoke as she walked across the circle to three robed people who were kneeling facing a table full of what we had hoped where just decorations. “These three people will now take the final step into our circle and finally know what it means to be one of us. As I place my hand on your shoulder I want you to rise and face the group and put your hood down. ”

“Alec Grey.” She spoke evenly touching his shoulder and stepping aside as he turned to face the group with a straight face.

“Spencer Addams.” Once again she touched his shoulder and he turned around pulling his hood down smiling broadly.

“And finally Emily Haze.” She touched her shoulder and as she turned and pulled her hood down the dark haired woman whispered something in her ear which made her look as if she was about to run for the hills or vomit, or maybe both.

The circle was silent and Izzy ducked back down “WE have to do something! We can’t just let Emily join something like this!”

“Yeah but if we go down there then she will know that we have been spying on her and who knows what that crazy group is capable of?!”

“You’re right, we have to find another way to distract them or to get them to call off the whole thing.”


“I don’t know, give me a minute to think.”

We both looked over the brush to see what was going on and try to formulate a plan that would help us rescue our friend. The dark haired woman held a chalice from the table and was bringing around the circle slowly as each member cut open their palms and dripped blood into it.

“Any ideas?!” I said the panicky feeling in my gut  rising. The Goblet was now half full as she slowly walked the circle kneeling before each member of the coven as they offered their blood to it, she was almost to Alec. “If we are  going to do something we have to do it now.”

“What if I go walking in there say I got lost in the woods and ask if they could point me back home. You can watch from up here and call for help if things go wrong, that way Emily can lead me back to the car and we can leave.”

“Okay but go that way that way they aren’t suspicious and keep looking up here and spot me or we are both in huge trouble.”

“got it.” she said and slowly scrambled behind some trees and down the small embankment to come out from the other side of the opening.

“Hurry Izzy.” I thought as the dark haired woman started speaking again.

“Do you Alec Grey accept our life and vow yourself to the coven from now until you parish and become once again with the earth?”

“Yes.” He said simply neither smiling or frowning.

“Then drink of your new brethren and know you have been accepted wholly into our coven, our life, and all that we are.” She smiled handing him the chalice.

Without a second thought he took it and drank, wiping off the excess blood with the back of his hand.

“Welcome Alec.” She smiled and stepped out in front of the next person “Spencer Addams, do you accept our life and vow yourself to the coven from now until you parish and become once again with the earth?”

“Yes.” He hissed his smile still plastered to his face.

“Then drink of your new brethren and know that you have been accepted wholly into our coven, our life, and all that we are.”

I’m not sure but as he grabbed the goblet from her his smile seemed to deepen making him look even more menacing.

“Welcome Spencer.” she stated  and stepped in front of Emily as he licked his lips.

“Where are you Izzy?” I questioned as I looked around the perimeter trying to find her movements.

“Do you Emily Haze accept our life and vow yourself to the coven from now until you parish and become once again with the earth?”

Timidly she replied “Yes.”

“Then drink of your new brethren and know that you have been accepted wholly into our coven, our life, and all that we are.” The dark hair woman smiled proudly as she handed her the cup.

Emily looked down into the contents then up and around the group slowly Izzy was nowhere to be found so before Emily could lift the chalice to her lips I barreled through the brush and screamed “STOP!”

The dark hair woman looked up annoyed then at Emily “What is she doing here.”

“I-I don’t know.” she stammered.

“I’m stopping you from making a huge mistake Ems.” I answered just on the outside of the circle now not feeling as brave as I had when I first crashed through the brush to stop her.

“She is not making a mistake.” The dark hair woman spoke to me crossing the circle and pushing two people aside but not stepping out of the invisible barrier.

“Yes she is. Emily I know you, this isn’t you.” I spoke past her.

“Clearly you don’t know her at all.” The dark hair woman screeched in disgust.

“It’s okay Mother, Give me a moment.” Emily said shyly smiling at the dark haired woman.

My mouth had hit the ground and kept digging down deeper into the earth until it burned from the molten lava core. “Did she just say mother? That woman is her mom!?”

“Go home Hailey, We can discuss this another time.” Emily said calmly as two men came out from the other side of the circle one was holding Izzy and the other ran to grab me. Izzy screamed and fought all the way back to the road while I let them drag me away in utter shock, “That’s her mother, how is that possible? Her mother is dead.”





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