C is for Childish

I was going to do C is for Cats but this seemed more fun. 🙂

C is for Childish

The crayons sat in the center of the table the box had been ditched and the bright array of color sticks  spilled out in every direction, next to them a small coloring book laid open to an uncolored page.

He looked down at the crayons in distaste, “child’s play” he muttered walking past them.

The minutes ticked by with him pacing the floor waiting for someone to return home. He stopped by the table once again and looked down at the colorless page and smiled at the cat playing with the ball of yarn before continuing to pace a few more times across the floor.

For the third time he stopped at the end of the table and looked around himself making sure he was alone before reaching for the red crayon.


And so he grabbed the crayons and he colored his heart content.



3 thoughts on “C is for Childish

  1. At a festival in texas I met a Vetinam War Veteran who told me that coloring helped him cope with his experiences – he sold gaint posters he created as “avanced coloring books” very
    complex images that could be colored for hours – they were
    full of hidden images of fantasy worlds. I hope his vision of
    coloring for adults (and children seeking a real challenge)
    catches on. 😉

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