A is for Anguish (edited)

*update* i edited this and added some more detail so hopefully this flows better than it did before 🙂

So I know, I know the A-Z challenge is supposed to be in March, blah blah blah, but I’ve decided to do it now because now is when I heard of it 🙂 … so here we go.

A is for Anguish

Kids piled into the rooms steadily until the bell rang and the doors were locked, no entry and no escape. That’s how it had always been at South High School. There were rumors that kids who were late to class were tortured for the hour and a half and somehow fixed back up like nothing happened(physically at least), but no one knew for sure because no one was brave enough to find out.

Until they came to town. Evan and Hailey Parker a Junior and Sophmore, respectively, were new to town. They hadn’t heard the stories growing up, didn’t get to see the fear in their grandparents eyes when they spoke of being late to class, they barely got the warning…

“Let’s go Evan! Mom said if we skip today that we don’t get to go home on our vacation.”

“Alright, alright, I’m up.” he grumbled sliding the pillow off of his curly tan hair and doing a pushup out of bed.

Hailey ran to start him some poptarts for breakfast, her converse sneakers echoing off of the wall with every step.

Somehow they managed to get to school and into each and every one of their classes on time. At the end of the day they met up out infront of the school to go home, just like they had planned the night before.

“That was hell! this place blows!” Evan fumed kicking a rock sending it flying along with a cloud of dust.

“Worse than our last schoo, and everyone here is so strange.” Hailey agreed quietly clutching her backpack to her chest.

“No kidding I kept hearing the strangest crock of sh*t from everyone today.” Evan continued.

“You mean about the unspeakable torture that happens if your late?”

“Yeah, everywhere I turned someone new was feeding me the same b.s. line about not being late. I mean what the hell was with that.”

“No idea but even some of the teachers warned me about it as well.” Hailey chimed in rounding the corner on the last block before they got to the house.

“They’re probably just trying to scare us” Evan confirmed “like a scary story told with a flashlight when the lights go out or  like when you are around a campfire eating marshmallows.”

“Yeah probably.” She agreed quickly

“Hailey, I have a great idea!”

Somehow Hailey managed to hold back from rolling her eyes because usually his ideas got them into major trouble or were totally ridiculous, but she’d hear him out, always. “What’s that?”

He turned and stopped in front of her smiling wickedly “Since they are too scared to test their theories and don’t have any proof, lets test it out ourselves”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea Evan.”

“Why not? it is a perfect plan, show them that they have been lied to for the majority of their lives and to be crowned as brave heroes. Not to mention it will definitely shake things up around here, and hopefully kick things up a notch or tow. I mean what could possibly go wrong?”

“I don’t know Evan, I just have a bad feeling about it.”

“Well don’t, nothing will go wrong it’s just a hoax, please do it with me tomorrow?” He begged throwing in his puppy dog eyes “Please?” When she didnt budge he added “Unless you’re to much of a chicken?”

“I am not!” she huffed.

“Bawk, bawk, bawckawk” he mocked mimiking pecking the ground and flapping his folded arms as wings.

“Alright! I’ll do it now stop that!” She barked swinging her back pack towards him which he caught with ease slinging it over his shoulder as she raced off and into the house before him.

The next day they left the house on tome under their mothers’ scrutinizing eye but hung back a block away from the school until the last bell rang and they were nice and late. “Let’s go Hailey.” He instructed placing his hand on the small of her back guiding her to the doors.

She gulped getting a queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. “Okay.” she stammered quietly and walked through the door he held open for her and quickly entered on her heels.

What awaited them was worse than both of  their worst nightmares combined. The school hallways were gone replaced with a large open room with a huge circular pit in the middle, fire licked up all four walls to the ceiling in an attempt to escape its confines.

“EVAN!” Hailey screamed looking around for him but he was nowhere to be seen.

“What?” She heard him ask calmly from all around her.

“This can’t be happening!” she thought to herself as a black demon with a long red forked tounge swooped down with its sharp tallons out and aiming towards her face and chest.

Evan wasn’t fairing as well as Hailey, by this point he had already been slashed at till his clothes were soaked through with hot and sticky blood and now a group of demon like creatures had picked him up and were flying him over the pit slowly.

They were found an hour and a half later sitting against the wall in front of the office babbling incoharently about horrible creatures and the worst pain they had ever felt in their lives. They were both too petrified to even walk through the halls to their next class’s, and before the bell rang they were sitting in the hall still babbling while everyone scampered away to class. The bell rang.

Round two.

After that day, they never returned to school, and no one ever really heard from them again. Yet all the students kept wondering just what had happened to them the day they were late to class.



6 thoughts on “A is for Anguish (edited)

  1. So, you are now following my site and I thank you. Your site seems rather new and I see you have quite a gift for writing. Would like to know more about you as when I clicked on “About” there was nothing forthcoming. Perhaps just a little something would be nice. I like finding new writers and I can see I will be back to read more.

  2. That about sums up my opinion of school. I used to think we
    were just being taught to fatten up our brains for the zombies who would eat us as soon as we graduated.

    I recently wrote a ghost story called “Burlap Cat” about a haunted stuffed animal that appears in the mailbox of a
    girl who only looks at it while poking fun at a cheezy website
    that claims to sell cursed nick-nacks.

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