My Nightmare

I had a nightmare the other day, I cant tell you exactly what it means or why I had it, I can only tell you the part that has stayed in my head all day.


“NO! DON’T!” she cried grabbing my arm and pulling me back to face her. “Please don’t go.” she said the tears in her hazel eyes clear even in the dim moonlight.

“I have to.” I reply shrugging her hand off  and walking away. I could hear her crying, it pulled at my heart and somehow it seemed to get louder the further that I got from her. I have to.. I reminded myself again and again but I couldn’t stop myself from slowing down and stopping… WHY? why did I have to? I asked myself  unsure of the answer.

Turning I ran back to her, her cries echoing in my ears like a thousand coins dropped into a wishing well all at once. She wasn’t there, she wasn’t anywhere I open my mouth to yell for her and no sound comes out.

I’m lost, all I hear is her crying, all I can see is hundreds of trees locking me in to my own hell, my mind taunting me for leaving her like that. How could I be so cruel




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