A Stranger Place Than I Thought. [part1]

this is a short story that I started recently hope you like it.. Here is part one.

Day 2 in this weird place called Earth, but so far I think I’ve managed to blend in… I hope….

I’ve been to nine planets in twelve years and it’s starting to show. For one, my fashion sense has completely changed, and another thing, I’m still jet lagged. It takes a few days to get from planet to planet by bus and I guess you earthlings would call our bus a spaceship. Yet here I am on Earth now, it only took me 18 years to get here. Because you silly Earthlings with all your paperwork making us have to fake a baby to get a social security number in order to get passports ugh it takes forever! Unless you are one of the lucky few whose parents do that for you when you are a child yet most of the parents don’t because they don’t want their kids on earth because for some strange reason they rarely come back which in itself gives earth a bad reputation, another thing is there is bad signal for calls to other planets, even the closest ones get interference and we hear awful sounds and someone talking very strangely over it I guess you call it music. Yet at any rate, I’m happy I’m here it gives me a chance to look for my husband who disappeared (in earth time) August 2nd 2093 the year he came here for work, the year I applied for my passport because he said he wanted to take me here someday. Who knew it would come to bite me in the ass that he would never return.

My house here, yes mine, (I actually bought it!) is in this small town. Everyone is so friendly to everyone else here its very, strange. I should take that back they arent very open to one person whom they even seem fearful of. They call her a witch, they say to stay away from old lady Helen that she will curse all those that approach her, yet they seek out her council on a regular basis. As the story goes they say that She has been reading palms and giving out homemade remedies for love and sickness out of her rundown shack for 100years or more. She sounds like one of us outsiders so I definitely need to talk to her about my husband but not today, today I’m visiting the so called grocery store to attempt to find something edible because I haven’t eaten anything since 2hours prior to getting on the bus erm spaceship to come here.


Any constructive criticism or comments are greatly appreciated, thanks.

Till next time.



One thought on “A Stranger Place Than I Thought. [part1]

  1. This is really good – I would have gotten lost in the details of
    Space travel but you phased over them without breaking a sweat, I suppose to someone (or something) that planet hops
    regularily it would really be no big deal. This moves really fast
    but says a lot. A good thing if your writing on the internet –

    Rather then obsess over the how and why of it, you simply implied that your alien could fabricate an intire history for
    themselves as part of their “Passport.” “It took me eighteen
    years to get here – ” In an arguement with a friend who said
    aliens coulden’t travel to earth cause it would take too long,
    I suggested that aliens might live longer, and that a thousand
    years might be – no big deal to them – with or without the
    possibility of hibernation –

    You have a good mystery too – I really think you have something here – keep it up – 🙂

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